Who is Culture Lick?

We are a group of friends and conspirators taking an irreverent look at reverent issues-- culture, music, fashion, art, technology, and the course of creativity in all of its forms and incarnations.

Culture Licks from Our Friends

Check out some of our friends Licking Some Culture-- all with their own distinctive styles.

What is Culture Lick?

It is a jab under the belt of Culture. Culture cannot afford to take itself too seriously-- it is way too important for that.
We want to make you laugh, and think.
Some of our episodes will be very serious, some-- very light, and
some-- very seriously light or very lightly serious.

Why should you lick culture?

Because it is very bad for you. Prepare to lick technology, art and fashion until you get indigestion. The best part is, you will never know what to expect.