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Bits Don’t Lie: A Net Neutrality Music Video

10.01.09 | Category: Music Videos, Tech Licks

Welcome to Culture Lick. We made this video about a topic that creative people of all shapes and shades deeply care about– or should care about. It is a news leitmotiv called “Net Neutrality” that recently is building into a crescendo up in Washington. Do you want your Internet Service Providers to be slowing your file sharing, inserting ads or even blocking some content? Neither do we. So we, a group of friends, decided to create Bits Don’t Lie— a music video that is a parody of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie song. More importantly it is a celebration of keeping the Internet free, non-corporate and crazy. To quote David Weekly, “In Soviet Russia, culture lick YOU!” (see him on video). Exactly, David!

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